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Polish Cuisine On Wheels is a food truck based in Seattle WA serving authentic and fresh Polish food. Our pierogi are served with different fillings, including potato cheese pierogi, meat pierogi, and sauerkraut mushrooms pierogi as well as stuffed cabbage,Polish hotdog,pickle soup and sweet cheese crepes nalesniki

Polish Cuisine

Witamy! Welcome to the world of Polish cuisine, rich in a variety of meats, vegetables, and spices. Pierogi, golabki, kielbasa, zapiekanka, zupa ogorkowa (pickle soup) our dishes are hearty and prepared fresh with generous love and dedication. Many dishes take hours of preparation to complete a full course meal!

It is Polish tradition to prepare these foods for Sunday dinners and holidays, especially Christmas Eve (Wigilia) and Easter. Recipes are passed down through generations and have a special meaning to us. The food isn’t just meant to be delicious, but a way to connect to each other and our ancestors.

Whether you enjoy a hearty, meaty meat pierogi ,golabki (stuffed cabbage) or prefer a lighter, vegetarian potato and cheese pierogi (dumpling) or desert crepes Polish cuisine is always filling and satisfying. Smacznego!

kielbasa kabanos

The Best of Polish Cuisine

Fresh Ingredients, Tasty Polish Food

We care about our food, and we want to make sure that you enjoy it as much as we enjoy make it for you.Our Polish food is made from fresh local ingredients.

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Salmon Pierogi Recipe

This salmon recipe with pierogi was inspired by The Arizona Republic's "Pierogi & Salmon Skillet" recipe.  The main difference is that I added caramelized onions & capers, and topped with a lemon, sour cream, and dill sauce.  Personally, I think our Organic...

Bacon Wrapped Pierogi

Bacon Wrapped Pierogi

If you use our fresh, flash frozen pierogi, do not defrost pierogi before bacon wrapping it. If you are not sure about guests, I suggest serving Potato Cheese Pierogi since it is loved by all ages and by even the most picky eaters

About Pierogi

About Pierogi

The most popular pierogi in Polish homes are: Ruskie pierogi aka potato and cheese pierogi are stuffed with white cheese, boiled potatoes and fried onions. Sauerkraut and mushrooms pierogi -they are prepared with sauerkraut and mushrooms.Meat pierogi are filled with minced pork or poultry. White cheese dumplings pierogi, these are so-called cottage cheese pierogi. Fruit pierogi are filled with strawberries, raspberries or blueberries. Sweet dumplings are served with melted butter and sprinkled with sugar, while the dry version is sprinkled with fried onion or bacon, less often with sauce or ketchup.